Snapper Hill Clinic receives funding from Swedfund

Snapper Hill Clinic (SHC) based in Monrovia, Liberia has received technical assistance funding from Swedfund through its shareholder TLG. The funds will be used to improve the quality of healthcare services it provides, namely; to retain consultants to digitise the clinic’s records, to develop its organisational and financial controls, and to expand access to high-quality healthcare services across Liberia. Further funding may be drawn down to accommodate solar powering its clinics.

TLG initially acquired a minority stake in SHC in 2010 and invested again in 2016, this time with debt. After Swedfund’s investment into the TLG Credit Opportunities Fund earlier this year, TLG encouraged Snapper Hill to apply to Swedfund directly for technical assistance funding.

About SHC
SHC has been in operation since 1983 and was the only clinical service provider in Monrovia during the height of the civil war (1989 – 1991). It showed its resilience as a healthcare provider again when it became one of the few outpatient facilities providing services during the Ebola crises of 2014-16.