Outlierz invests in Healthlane, Bamboo and YouVerify

Outlierz has announced it has invested in three startups: YouVerify, Bamboo and Healthlane as a result of opportunities that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The trio, which are either in the fintech or healthtech space have operations in Nigeria, one of the countries considered to be part of the continent’s more dynamic ecosystems.

By automating and digitising the KYC process, YouVerify enables banks and telecoms operators to digitally verify the identity of their customers and provide them with a remote service.

The fintech gives users the opportunity to invest in the US stock market using a mobile app that is directly connected to their Nigerian bank account.

Based in Nigeria and Cameroon, Healthlane provides healthcare services to public hospitals such as online appointment bookings, telemedicine and laboratory test results.