Boké-Québo project to receive EUR 50mn from AfDB

The governments of Guinea and Guinea Bissau will receive EUR 50mn in the form of grants and loans to finance the first phase of the Boké-Québo road development project, a road corridor between Conakry and Bissau. The project is in a landlocked area with agricultural and mining potential and is part of the trans-African road corridor No. 7 Dakar-Lagos. Its implementation will contribute to the integration of the region and will consist of the development and asphalting of 107km of road (86km in Guinea and 21km in Guinea Bissau).

The total project cost is estimated at EUR 117.19mn, of which EUR 79.79mn will go towards the project’s first phase. The AfDB has already mobilized EUR 30mn from the EU. The AfDB has approved a EUR 4.07mn grant for Guinea from the Technical Assistance Fund (TAF), a EUR 20.49mn grant from the African development Fund (ADF) and an ADF loan of EUR 6.06mn. With respect to Guinea Bissau, a TAF grant of EUR 1.78mn has been approved and a EUR 16.77mn ADF grant.

Guinea and Guinea Bissau have respectively received a grant from the Investment Facility for Africa (FIAF) of EUR 20.38mn and EUR 9.6mn.