AgroEknor secures further investment from Aruwa Capial Management

AgroEknor receives more funding from Aruwa Capital Management
Source: AgroEknor

AgroEknor has received follow-on investment from Aruwa Capital Management to procure inventory and meet demand from a soaring order book (over 8,000 tonnes), expand its product range (it has a medium-term goal to add complementary superfood products) and improve its infrastructure. The company has also begun constructing a fumigation chamber and acquired a new warehouse with a 1,200-tonne capacity.

Aruwa’s initial investment helped us a great deal to meet and surpass our ambitions including the commencement of the construction of our fumigation chamber with a capacity to process 120 tons of cash crops weekly. With the follow-on investment, we will complete and launch our fumigation chamber, an important integrated backend infrastructure in our business which enables us process and export, globally acceptable cash crops to our clients.

Timi Oke, CEO

Since the initial investment from ACM the company has increased its export numbers to clients in Asia, Europe and North America, upgraded its facilities and launched an education programme to support farmers. And has also obtained certifications for global food, safety and hygiene and is now one of the few Nigerian companies with a direct export pipeline to Mexico.

AgroEknor was founded in 2013 in Kano State, Northern Nigeria.