260 Brands to produce soymilk with $5mn injection from Norfund

Zambian agro processing company 260 Brands has received a USD 5mn investment from Norfund to support its production of soymilk by financing a turnkey soymilk production facility.

We expect the investment to create 100 new direct permanent jobs, and an increase of local farmers that receive increased income through supplying the company of more than 12,000 small holder farmers

Andreas Davidsen, Vice President & Head of Agribusines and Manufacturing Norfund

The country’s alternative milk market is negligible and is comprised of imports that are 30-60% above the price of diary milk—a more expensive choice in a region where most people are lactose intolerant. The company’s alternative is a soymilk in UHT form that has a long-shelf life in ambient temperatures—a useful attribute where cold-chain infrastructure is sparse.

About 260 Brands

The company originally started out as Vijay Lmited and Seba Foods. Its CEO is Gaurav Vijayvargiya, who took up heading the family company in 2019. In Africa, its products are exported to the DRC and Namibia and